Teach Your

Dyslexic Child To Read

With Confidence

Step 1

Screen For Dyslexia

If your child persistently struggles to read, the most common culprit is dyslexia. In fact, 1 out of every 5 people has dyslexia. 

Take the dyslexia screening quiz, and see how many dyslexic traits your child has. Answers should reflect your child's early school years. 

Step 2 

Understand Dyslexia

Richard branson

Business magnate & investor

Founder, Virgin Group

"Being dyslexic can actually help in the outside world....
agatha christie

Best-selling author ever, after The Bible & Shakespeare

"I, myself, was always recognized...as the 'slow one' in the family....

It was quite true, and I knew it and accepted it. writing and spelling were always terribly difficult for me. My letters were without originality. I was...an extraordinarily bad speller and have remained so until this day."

Charles R. Schwab

Investor & financial executive

Founder, Charles Schwab Co.

"I couldn't read. I just scraped by....

So, what is dyslexia?

More importantly, what isn't dyslexia?

Step 3 

Plan For Dyslexia

A Little Bit About Us

My name is Emily Boever, and I'm so glad you've discovered this website. As you can tell from the picture, I am a happy wife and mom of many (some dyslexic and some not).

I am also a longtime teacher, writer, and homeschool mom. When I started researching how to help my kids who were struggling to read, I found out something pretty mind-blowing: I am dyslexic too!

The reason I started this website is to share with other homeschool parents what I’ve discovered since the day I realized how dyslexia affects my family. It can all be boiled down to this: 


If you are ready to find out why I make that claim, follow the steps of screening, understanding, and planning, and let’s go on this homeschool journey together. 

I'd love to tell you more about myself and my family, my qualifications, and why I decided to start this outreach. Please head over to the ABOUT page to read more.

Otherwise, let's get started on Step 1: Screen For Dyslexia.